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Use short e-mail address to protect your accounts. And more...

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Super Fast Login

Few characters, near each other on keyboard. Very comfortable using on the smartphones.

Fast Sending

SHORTMAIL is not your new mailbox. It just forwards messages to your default address.

Easy to Remember

Need to refer your e-mail address? Use SHORTMAIL. Everybody remember a few letters.

Top Secure

High-Level security while forwarding. CGD (Come and Go and Delete) process available.


Just try to tap our domains on keyboard of your smartphone. You will understand...

Feel the difference:

Create SHORTMAIL, connect your default e-mail address and that's it. Incoming messages to your SHORTMAIL will be forwarded to your default address and immediately deleted from SHORTMAIL servers.

Available domains:




  • >4 characters.
  • E.g.



1 year
  • 4 characters.
  • E.g.



1 year
  • 3 characters.
  • E.g.



1 year
  • 2 characters.
  • E.g.



1 year
  • 1 characters.
  • E.g.


How can I use my SHORTMAIL?

The one of the best usage is registration to the online services and e-shops. You don't need to waste the time with typing complicated e-mail address, especially on the smartphones. You can refer your SHORTMAIL to your friends instead of your default e-mail address too. SHORTMAIL is perfect solution if you are using only one, company mailbox.

Why prefer SHORTMAIL to Facebook login?

SHORTMAIL perfectly protects your personal data (GDPR ready). We are not sharing data with other services, companies, people, governments etc. We store only your default e-mail address and your SHORTMAIL. No names, no dates of birth, no opinions, no contacts, no politics and religious beliefs, no shopping history, no advertisement.

How does it work?

When someone send a message to your SHORTMAIL, the e-mail comes to SHORTMAIL servers first, than it is forwarded to your default mailbox without delay and immediately and permanently deleted from SHORTMAIL servers.

Can I use one default address for more SHORTMAILs?

Yes, you can use one default address for up to 10 SHORTMAILs (limited due to security reason).

How can I pay for SHORTMAIL?

We are using ComGate Payments, a.s. company as a payment gateway provider. You can use credit card (VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club) and bank payment buttons (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland). We are hardly working to add Paypal and next payment option as soon as possible.

How can I edit default address?

Login to your SHORTMAIL settings using Login link above and change default email address.

How can I cancel my SHORTMAIL?

Login to your SHORTMAIL settings using Login link above and use Cancel button.

What will happen, when I cancel my SHORTMAIL or expire my subscription?

The canceled or expired SHORTMAIL will stop forwarding and “sleep” for 12 months. It is not possible to activate "sleeping" SHORTMAIL as a new. During these 12 months it is possible to renew your SHORTMAIL again.

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SHORTMAIL Founder. Developer.

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